About the Institute of Technology

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The Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma provides focus for the rapid development of high-technology academic programs to serve the state of Washington.

The Institute serves as the home for computer science, computer engineering and information technology programs. Through innovative partnerships with area companies, the Institute helps students gain practical work experience and meets continually changing industry needs. The Institute also provides services to attract and support students from diverse educational, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

The Institute of Technology was launched in 2001 through a combination of state and non-state investment. The Institute’s strong support from private citizens, corporations and the community has contributed to building facilities, classrooms and labs for the Institute, enhancing what the Institute's state funding can provide in support of degree programs.

The Institute's partnership with industry and professional leaders leverages the value of what it offers students. As part of their degree programs, Institute students have opportunities for internships that enhance academic growth. Targeted concentration courses are taught by practicing professionals bringing particular expertise and experience in the field.