Spring Student Showcase

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On Friday, June 6, 10:30-1:30, in the Academic Buildings Hallways (GWP, BHS, BB, WCG), UWT undergraduate students from a wide range of classes will be displaying and personally explaining projects they have been working on during Spring Quarter.  UWT students, staff, faculty, family, friends, and community members are all encouraged to attend.

The participant list includes students from the following classes:

  • TURB 101: Exploring Cities
  • TCORE 122: Introduction to Science
  • TCORE 124: Intro to Humanities
  • TWRT 291: Technical Communication in the Workplace
  • TPSYCH 309: Fundamentals of Psychological Research II
  • TCOM 320: Print Design
  • TESC 337: Environmental Geology
  • TCOM 350: Principles of Web Design
  • TARTS 404: Art in Time of War
  • TESC 434: Biology, History, and Politics of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest
  • TCES 499: Undergraduate Research

Additionally, the following recipients of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards will be presenting their research:

  • Hanni Hunderford (faculty sponsor Dr. Michael Kucher)
  • Hope St. John (faculty sponsor Dr. Lisa Hoffman)
  • Erin Sataloff (faculty sponsor Dr. Eric Madfis)
  • Randy Butts (faculty sponsor Dr. Orlando Baiocchi)
  • Shruti More (faculty sponsor Dr. Orlando Baiocchi)
May 29, 2014