Undergraduate Education Academic Council


The Undergraduate Education Academic Council (UEAC) is a new faculty committee starting in the 2013- 2014 academic year which provides formal review of curriculum issues pertaining to undergraduate education at UWT. This Council was formed in response to the Executive Council of the Faculty Assembly Class B legislation passed late in spring quarter 2013 that mandates formal faculty oversight of academic units on campus that do not have permanent faculty lines. A diverse group of committed faculty and staff from all disciplines will meet regularly to explore how to improve the quality of undergraduate education at UWT. Some of the broad questions that the Council has been asked to consider are:

  1. What kind of first-year experience do we want to have for our students? What curricular adjustments to the current model would serve our students best
  2. How does our undergraduate curriculum for first- (and second-year) students connect to upper division offerings across units?
  3. How does our current undergraduate curriculum interface with scholarship being conducted by faculty/staff on campus? Suggestions for enhancements?
  4. How does our current undergraduate curriculum fit with the overall mission of UWT?
  5. How does our current undergraduate curriculum serve to engage students in a way that enhances recruitment and retention? What adjustments might better enhance these metrics?


Laura Feuerborn, Chair
Julia Aguirre
Tarna Derby-McCurtain
Social Work

Bryan Goda
Institute of Technology

Emily Ignacio
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Linda Ishem
Urban Studies
Julie Masura
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Jill Purdy
Milgard School of Business
Tanya Velasquez
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Deirdre Raynor
Director, Office of Undergraduate Education
Nicole Blair
Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Education