The Urban Studies curriculum consists of 58-61 credits of required core area coursework:

  • Core courses (33-36 credits)
  • Core electives (25 credits)

In addition to the core coursework, you are required to complete general education requirements and electives for a total of 180 credits. Transfer students can bring up to 105 lower-division credits into the program. Please see below for a complete listing of Urban Studies core requirements. The degree planning worksheet can be helpful in tracking progress through the program.

Urban Studies core

All courses are five credits unless otherwise noted.

Foundation courses (must complete all of the following):

Methods requirement (select one):

Field course requirement (select one):

  • T URB 315 Homes, Housing & Homelessness (3 credits)
  • T URB 345 Urban Government and Organizations (formerly TURB 415) 
  • T URB 379 Urban Field Experience (5 credits)
  • T URB 479 Planning and Development in the Puget Sound Region (3 credits)
  • GEOG 490 Field Research: The Seattle Region (6 credits)

Capstone requirement (select one)

Core electives

Select 25 credits from the approved list of core electives, including independent study courses which may be completed under the direction of Urban Studies faculty.

General electives

You may use your general electives to focus on an in-depth area of study (i.e. minor or certificate) or to explore the liberal arts, business, social work or health-related fields. Upper-division transfer credits from other four-year institutions may apply to the elective category. Your academic advisor can evaluate transcripts upon request.