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2017-18 Graduate Student Resource Handbook (pdf)

Urban Studies Resources

Graduate Student Listserv: uwt-[program]

Your UW email address has been automatically added to a program-specific listserv. You will receive weekly(ish) emails from the Urban Studies department containing relevant information related to your program, the university, career and community opportunities, and department events.

Student Organizations

Urban Studies supports two student organizations: CIVITAS and GIS Society. Both are open to graduate and undergraduate students.

CIVITAS promotes education and networking for a better understanding of current urban issues. The organization strives to increase active participation among UW Tacoma students, faculty, alumni and the local community in order to make positive impacts in Tacoma and the surrounding communities. Founded in 2001, Civitas has invited civic leaders, public officials, and academics to discuss topics such as homelessness, public safety and immigration. Civitas actively engages in the local community, promoting food and clothing drives. and on Facebook.

GIS Society exists to promote student education on and off campus; to establish a connection with the GIS community; to promote group activities and field trips to increase knowledge of GIS and its relationship to our world. and on Facebook.

Graduate School Resources

As a UW graduate student, you are not only a part of the Urban Studies family and the UW Tacoma campus community; you also have access to the resources of the UW Graduate School.

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