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Your "Go To Place"

The Toolbox is designed to bring more clear, consistent, accurate and easy-to-find information on how to do various tasks and functions in UWT Administrative Services units: Finance, Human Resources, Campus Safety & Security, and Facilities. As a "Go To Place" for the staff within the UWT departments doing administrative work, you will find step-by-step descriptions of business processes along with related timelines, checklists, related policies and forms right at your fingertips.

Buttons to systems commonly used by program administrators, program coordinators and other administrative staff are also included in the Administrator's Toolbox.

A LEAN Project

The development of the Toolbox was a LEAN project, and an example of our continuous improvement efforts to streamline workflow, eliminate waste and optimize customer satisfaction. This project is supported by the Organizational Effectiveness Program. LEAN teams, comprised of users of these business processes, helped to improve the processes and how we bring information to you, our customer.

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