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Hiring a Permanent Employee

UW Tacoma uses UWHIRES to manage the hiring of non-student temporary hourly workers, including retaining job descriptions and employee resumes. The process for development and hire of a permanent position is outlined below.  In the HR Tools menu to the right you will find helpful resources for hiring a permanent employee--from forms, policies and process descriptions to FAQs and timelines.  (Faculty hiring is done by Academic Affairs. Contact Alison Navarrete, 253-692-5754.)

Permanent positions are defined by the UW as positions with an FTE of at least 50% (20 hours/week) and expected to be 12 months or longer in duration.  Such positions may be or may not have permanent funding.  Permanent positions require an open and competitive recruitment to identify a successful candidate. 

Procedures for Requesting Authorization for Recruitment

Procedures for Recruitment and Hire

Quick Reference: Hiring Checklist

Procedures for Requesting Authorization for Recruitment

  1. Hiring Manager creates a job description, including minimum and desired requirements, using appropriate forms.  This may involve consulting HR for appropriate job classification and pay information.
    1. Classified position descriptions consist of the following elements: 1) General purpose of the position; 2) Specific responsibilities; and 3) Minimum requirements.  Consult classified job specifications for examples of work and requirements.
    2. Professional staff positions require completion of the Professional Staff Position Description Form for evaluation by the UW Compensation Office to ensure that new professional staff positions are exempt from classified service.  Consult professional staff position benchmark descriptions and UW professional staff job descriptors (as available) for examples of work and requirements.
  2. Department/Hiring Manager completes Request for Authorization for Recruitment/Hire Form.  Any request for authorization must be based on UW Tacoma’s reduction strategy and must demonstrate that the position significantly contributes to achieving the University’s mission. If applicable, requests should also indicate how the positions meets one or more of the following criteria: 1) The position performs a requirement the institution has a legal liability to fulfill, 2) Not filling the position poses a potential life or safety threat, 3) The unit size is small such that not filling the position could jeopardize operations, or 4) Filling the position is mission-critical.  Any request for recruitment must clearly state how the unit will ensure being within budget while filling the position in question.

  3. Director should submit the Request for Authorization for Recruitment/Hire Form to the appropriate Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Assistant Chancellor (or his/her designee) for review and approval.
  4. Upon approval by the Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Assistant Chancellor, the form should be submitted to UW Tacoma HR for entry into UWHires and additional approvals by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and UWS Human Resources.
  5. Upon final approval, the position will be posted in UWHires.

Procedures for Recruitment and Hire

  1. Identify and assemble search committee.
  2. Screen all the resumes/cover letters.
  3. Select candidates for interview based on the job requirements and responsibilities.  (Telephone screening may be helpful to further narrow down the pool.)
  4. Prepare for interviews and create a list of interview questions to be asked EACH candidate interviewed.
  5. Once the final candidate(s) has been identified check references.  At least 2 references MUST be checked for the final candidate, including the current supervisor.  If the final candidate is a current UW Tacoma employee, the employee's current supervisor must be contacted.
  6. Contact UW Tacoma HR to discuss salary offer.  Complete the UW Tacoma Request for Salary Offer Approval Form.  PRIOR to extending an offer, the salary must be approved by HR and confirmed via email.
  7. Confirm acceptance of salary offer and start date with HR once position is accepted by the final candidate.
  8. Contact any applicants interviewed and internal candidates not interviewed via phone to inform them that another candidate has been selected.  Be prepared to provide feedback to candidates if requested.


Call UW Tacoma HR Generalist, Iris Marx at 253-692-5669