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Facilities Services

 “Quality and service are the essence of UW Tacoma Facilities Stewardship.”

Request for Services

Facilities Services (FS) and their business partners provide maintenance, services, and minor alterations for UW Tacoma campus.  Services are comprised of landscaping/grounds, building envelope, and building infrastructure; which includes: plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning. 

Emergencies: In the case of fire, police or medical emergencies first dial 9-1-1 and then Campus Safety and Security at 253-692-4888.

Urgent Building Requests: risk to life, health, safety or potential damage to facilities such as a broken window, power failure, broken water pipes, fluid spills, suspicious odors, doors that cannot be secured, public lighting that is out, restroom restocking, please call directly to Facilities Services at 253-692-5700.

Routine Requests (non-emergency): needs such as a temperature issue, painting, items to be moved or hung, or dripping faucets or many other issues - requests or repairs where there is no urgent risk to people or property.  These requests should be made online. They will be reviewed, prioritized and assigned daily. Routine Requests are worked into the schedule as soon as possible, depending upon the work load. Priority 2 - within 5 days, Priority 3 - within 30 days.  We look forward to serving you.

Art Work Space Request

To request space to temporarily display art class projects, faculty or staff should submit a request form via the Administrators Toolbox.