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Important Forms

The list below is a summary of all forms referenced elsewhere on the Payroll section of this site. If you need more information on a subject, please use the section navigation bar at left.

INS Form I-9 : Employment Eligibility Verification (pages 7-8)

Instructions for completing the Form I-9 when a Foreign National is hired

IRS Form W-4 online through MyUW-ESS : Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate

UoW Form 1325  Affirmative Action Data Form (now online)

UoW Form 1007:  Foreign National Payment Data Sheet

UoW Form 1746 : Shared Leave Request

UoW Form 1747 : Shared Leave Donation

Healthcare Provider Statement

Leave of Absence Forms

Checklists for newhires/payroll forms required

Student Employment Form (for student hires only)

UW Personal Data Form

Online Direct Deposit form through MyUW

Email Templates (used for email requests and approvals for the pay types listed below)