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OWLS (Online Work Leave System)

OWLS Log In for Timekeepers and Supervisors:

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What is OWLS?

The UW Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) is a computerized, post-entry
review tracking system that is used throughout the University as the
official record of leave-bearing employees' hours worked and leave time
earned and used.

UW Tacoma leave-bearing employees are entered into OWLS by the UW Tacoma
Payroll Coordinator upon their hire. If you are a timekeeper and do not
see the new employee in OWLS, please contact your Payroll Coordinator

OWLS Access for Timekeepers

Newly assigned department timekeepers must contact the UW Tacoma Payroll Coordinator for OWLS access.

Important information for UW Tacoma Timekeepers:

Employee's monthly calendars must be updated no later than two weeks
following the end of the month.

OWLS does NOT interface with the payroll system. If there are leave
without pay hours or overtime hours to be paid to your employee,
a copy of the timesheet must be submitted as soon as administratively
possible to UW Tacoma Payroll for processing.

When there is a supervisor change for one of your employees, the
supervisor's  UW net ID must be changed at the "profile" tab in OWLS to ensure
the correct supervisor receives the monthly leave summaries
via email for the employee and review it for accuracy.

Employees can view their leave data through Employee Self Service and are
expected to review the entries on a monthly basis for accuracy.