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Tacoma and the South Sound

Farmers Market

Tacoma Farmers Market happens every Thursday from May - October at 11th and Broadway, just a few blocks from campus.

Tacoma is an old city being reborn. Full of history, culture and charm, it’s a city brimming with Pacific Northwest character, experiencing an urban renaissance. It’s a city with a story, once named The City of Destiny, where the transcontinental railroad and the passage to the Pacific Ocean meet. Tacoma is an architectural wonderland, with many beautiful, historic buildings, like Union Station, right across the street from campus.

Tacoma is nestled on the Puget Sound, surrounded by farmland, wooded streams and stunning mountain ranges. On a clear day, Mt. Rainier looms majestically. It’s a city where you can see a new play or art exhibit, hear a symphony orchestra or your favorite club band. There’s a minor league baseball team, a world-famous glass museum, and the largest car museum in North America.

Fine restaurants, cozy cafes, parks, antiques, farmers markets, a zoo and aquarium, golfing, places to ride bikes or stroll along the water. There’s plenty to do here.

And when you want to get out of town, Seattle is 30 miles to the north, and Olympia, the state capitol, is 30 miles to the south. You can get to either one by train, bus or car. A half day’s trip or less by car will get you to the Olympic Rain Forest, an active volcano or a challenging snowboard slope.

Tacoma is the perfect place for an urban university. You’ll see.