Quarterly dean’s list

The quarterly dean's list includes the names of matriculated undergraduate students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree and have attained a quarterly GPA of 3.50 in the final grades for at least 12 graded credits. Appropriate entries regarding inclusion on the Dean's List are made on the student's permanent academic record.

Annual dean’s list

The yearly award for high scholarship is recorded on the academic transcript of undergraduate students enrolled for three quarters of the academic year (summer through spring) and who earned a quarterly GPA of 3.50 in 12 or more numerically graded credits each quarter. It is also recorded for students enrolled for four quarters who met the standard just mentioned and also earned a quarterly GPA of 3.5 or better in the fourth quarter if enrolled for 10 or more credits. Students on an annual dean's list receive a certificate and a letter of congratulations from the UW Tacoma chancellor.

Baccalaureate honors

Baccalaureate honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude) are awarded only to recipients of a first baccalaureate degree.  These honors are earned by students who have completed no fewer than 90 residence credits at this institution.  At least 60 of the 90 credits must have been acquired on a graded basis.

The university’s honors committee determines the grade-point requirements for each year. Approximately 10 percent of students are awarded baccalaureate honors. Credits earned by extension courses do not count toward honors eligibility.

Minimum GPA required for baccalaureate honors for 2013-14
Program Cum Laude Magna
Cum Laude
Cum Laude
Business 3.65 3.78 3.87
Healthcare Leadership 3.75 3.87 3.97
Institute of Technology 3.79 3.91 3.97
IAS / Environmental Science 3.75 3.87 3.97
Nursing 3.91 3.94 3.97
Social Welfare / Criminal Justice 3.80 3.87 3.92
Urban Studies / Sustainable Urban Development 3.75 3.87 3.97

Faculty honors

Faculty honors are awarded at graduation to undergraduate students earning their first baccalaureate degree whose GPA is in the upper 10 percent of their program and who have earned between 43 and 89 graded credits at the UW.

Minimum GPA required for faculty honors for 2013-14
Program Minimum GPA
Business 3.65
Healthcare Leadership 3.75
Institute of Technology 3.79
IAS / Environmental Science 3.75
Nursing 3.91
Social Welfare / Criminal Justice 3.80
Urban Studies / Sustainable Urban Development 3.75

Chancellor’s Medal

The Chancellor’s Medal, which is conferred at Commencement, recognizes the graduating senior who has the most distinguished academic record. You must have earned at least 90 credits (43 credits for nursing students) in residence at the University of Washington Tacoma to be considered.