Entry codes (also called "add codes") are five-digit random numbers issued to you by an academic program as authorization to add a restricted course section. Entry codes are not transferable. Courses requiring entry codes are designated with a ">" next to the schedule line number (SLN) in the Time Schedule.

Academic programs reserve the right to require entry codes whether or not the course is so designated in the time schedule. Usually, information on where to obtain entry codes is found with the listings in the Time Schedule. 

Instructor permission and program approval are required when a class is full. (See Overload Guidelines for additional information on using entry codes to overload closed courses).

Entry codes are only valid once and for a limited period of time after they have been issued. If you drop a section that required an entry code to add, then you must obtain another entry code from the program if you wish to re-add the section.

Drop codes

In some cases, a drop code is required to drop a course. You can obtain the code from the program offering the course.