All newly enrolled students are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity.  This information is used to document compliance in the registrar’s database. Students must submit measles verification no later than week 3 of their first quarter of attendance or a hold will be placed which will prevent future registration. (Nursing students are exempt from this requirement.)

Students born before January 1, 1957 are considered to be immune to measles and therefore do NOT need to submit proof of immunity.

New students should expect to receive the Measles Immunity Verification form with their admission packets.

The student must:

  • Have the form completed and certified by the student's health care provider; OR
  • Submit copies of an original immunization record; OR
  • Attach a statement on letterhead stationery from their health care provider as proof of:
    1. Two live virus measles (rubeola) vaccinations, both given after January 1, 1968 and after the first birthday; OR
    2. Positive measles (reubeola) titer (blood test for antibodies Measles); OR
    3. A verification of the history of measles (rubeola) disease

In the event of a measles outbreak on campus, students who have not previously submitted proof of immunity to measles may be barred from classes and other campus activities until health officials determine that there is no risk of them transmitting the disease to others.

Questions regarding immunizations should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 253-692-4913.

*Nursing students are exempt from this requirement.