University of Washington Tacoma rooms and campus spaces can be reserved for many public or private uses by any member of the campus or the community. Use of facilities is governed by state and university regulations and costs will vary. Use the information on this site to learn more and get started on your request.

Get started

If you are a UW Tacoma student:

  • For student organizations, contact the Student Involvement office.
  • For class projects, contact your academic program.

If you are a UW Tacoma faculty or staff member:

If you are a community member or organization:

Need help with the forms? Check out the UUF User Guide.


Not sure when you can submit your UUFs to request certain spaces on campus.  Click on Important Dates to find out available submission dates.  Requesting classrooms for Spring Quarter 2015 begins on February 23, 2015.  Please don't submit your UUF requests for classrooms prior to this date.


For access to the UUF System please email AnaMarie Alameda at or BrieAnna Bales at  After receiving training on the system you will be granted access.

If you are a faculty member or staff member who doesn't regularly request rooms please contact your Program and see if they have a person who can submit a UUF on your behalf. 

Access to UUF is granted to UW Tacoma faculty and permanent staff.