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Education Minor

The Education minor will increase your awareness of career opportunities in educational settings and your understanding of the role and responsibilities of classroom teachers by completing this minor.

  • Develop broad perspectives on educational issues in today's world
  • Work closely with professors, teachers and others interested in education and schooling
  • Get hands-on experience in a public classroom setting
  • Prepare for graduate and or teacher certification programs in education

Information for students who declared an Education minor as of Autumn 2013:

Summary of required courses Credits

Education Core

  • TEDUC 471 Diversity and Equity in Schools and Curriculum (5 cr)*
  • TEDUC 482 School and Society (5 cr)*
  • TEDUC 490 Service Learning Practicum in Education (5 cr)**^
Two (2) Writing-Intensive Courses (noted as "C" or "W")
  • e.g. English Composition, Literature (or other writing-intensive course)***
One Developmental Psychology Course (one of the following or equivalent)
  • TPSYCH 220 Lifespan Development***
  • TPSYCH 230 Educational Psychology***
  • TPSYCH 320 Theories of Child Development***
  • TPSYCH 321 Adolescent Psychology***
Total 30

* TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (2.7 grade or higher and must have been taken in academic year 2012-2013, or later, to qualify) will count as equivalent courses for two of the courses within our Teacher Certification Program, TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501, respectively. NOTE: If not taken as part of the Education minor, TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (same restrictions as above) will still count as equivalent courses for TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501.

** TEDUC 490 will fulfill 40 hours of documented experience in a public school classroom, which is an admission requirement for our Teacher Certification Program.

*** These courses will fulfill K-8 Teacher Certification Program prerequisite coursework (see program website for Secondary prerequisite coursework.) Must be 2.7 grade or higher.

^ For the Autumn 2013 quarter, this class is only offered for three (3) credits. For this quarter only, the 3-credit class will be considered as the 5-credit class for minor requirement purposes.

Students who declared the Education minor prior to Autumn 2013 should consult with their advisor for options.

Work toward becoming a teacher at UW Tacoma

Students completing this minor are encouraged to apply to one of UW Tacoma's Teacher Certification/Master of Education programs. Although completion of the minor does not guarantee admission, it enables you to improve your chances of admission through coursework and experience.

Contact an Education Program advisor to learn more.

Check out the benefits of the Education minor.

How to declare

You can declare a minor by using the declare/change major form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have any questions about this process, please see your advisor.