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Public Access to the WiFi Network


Public users may request a temporary NetID which grants access to the UW wireless network. To be eligible, the requestor must be affiliated with an institution of higher education or Federal, State, or local government agency.

During the sign-up process, users will be required to present two forms of ID. If the user does not have BOTH forms of ID no temporary NetID will be issued:


  1. Either current higher education identification, OR current Federal, State, or local government employee ID. Examples of acceptable ID for this first category include; Tacoma Community College ID, Military ID, and State Department of Ecology ID.
  2. State driver’s license, state identification card, or a passport. There is an option for “library card” on the online form but this is not an acceptable form of picture ID at UW Tacoma.

Temporary NetIDs will only be granted for the minimum amount of time necessary for the user to complete their project.

Requests for a temporary NetID from users who do not have education or government affiliation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of the UWT Library and Learning Resources or his designated appointee. Users will be asked to fill out the Request for Wireless Access form that includes a brief description of their research, justification of why the public desktop computers are not suitable for this research, the amount of time needed to complete the research, and contact information. Library users requesting special access to the wireless network will generally receive an answer from the Library within 3 business days. This form can be dropped off at the Circulation or Reference desks in the Library, or mailed to:

Charles Lord
UW Tacoma Library
1900 Commerce St.
Box 358460
Tacoma, WA 98402
Free WiFi Hotspots As a courtesy, the library has compiled a Google Map which shows the locations of all known free WiFi hotspots in Tacoma/Pierce County. A hard copy of this map is kept at the Reference desk for quick Reference.