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Two UWT Students Receive UW Libraries Undergraduate Research Award

Congratulations to the 2012 Winners of the UW Libraries Undergraduate Research Award. The Research Award is an annual award given to University of Washington undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding library research in the writing or creation of course projects.

This year's winners include Margaret Lundberg, Global Honors junior, winner in the Non-Senior division and IAS senior, and Vincenzina Robertson, IAS senior, Honorable Mention in the Senior Thesis division.

Margaret's project was titled "Bollywood Images: The illusions and realities of arranged marriages, weddings, dowries, and attitudes toward the girl child in the lives of women in India."  Her faculty was Cynthia Howson, Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Zina's thesis is titled "Soaring Eagles of the High Qing: Women's Writing as a Path to Social Advancement in Patriarchal China."  Dr. Mary Hanneman served as her thesis advisor.