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Billing and Reimbursement


If a user purchases service or repairs from an independent provider the operator should:

  • Obtain permission from UWT Facilities: 253.692.5700.
  • If personal funds are used, verify that the services rendered are covered by the rental fee agreement and record the vehicle license number on ALL receipts.

Under these circumstances, reimbursement may be obtained through the following procedures

  1. Receipts:  Bring the original receipts to the UWT Facilities Office for verification of charges and rental dates.  Original receipts must be legible, have the vendors name, date and description of the products and services purchased, and the monetary amount paid.  Credit card receipts that are not complete may be returned.  Include the vehicle license number or confirmation number on all receipts.
  2. Reimbursement Limit: The limit for cash reimbursements is $50.00. Reimbursements exceeding this amount will be made by check from UW Purchasing and Accounting.

Billing Inquiries

UWT Facilities should be contacted regarding any billing discrepancies.  UWT Facilities will make every effort to correct a billing discrepancy and/or answer a question regarding charges incurred.