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Breakdowns and Towing

If a vehicle breakdown occurs during the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday, Please contact Facilities Services at 253-692-5700 to coordinate alternative transportation and vehicle towing.

If a vehicle breakdown occurs after business hours: Contact NAC Fleet Rescue 1-800-356-9316, to help transport you and the vehicle off the road and to the nearest applicable vehicle dealership. If there are no applicable dealerships in the area, request transport to the nearest maintenance shop. The contact information and contract number are located on the NAC Fleet Rescue brochure in the glove box.

If the dealership or maintenance shop are unable to fix the vehicle in time to meet your schedule, contact any of our contract rental agencies for alternative transportation. Please inform the rental agency of the State contract for billing purposes.

  • Enterprise, 1800 Rent-A-Car

If you are unsuccessful with obtaining alternative transportation with the State contracted rental agencies listed above, please coordinate the safest travel alternative for yourself. Please send original receipts to Facilities Services for reimbursements. Keep a copy of the receipts for your records. Notify Facilities Services of the vehicle’s breakdown as soon as possible at 253-692-5700.