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Here at the Veteran and Military Resource Center at the University of Washington Tacoma, we recognize that the adjustment veterans deal with after being discharged from the military is stressful enough on its own without thinking about how to you’re going to get into college. That’s why we created this new student checklist to help you begin your journey here.

  1. Identify the benefits that you are eligible for and select the program that best suits you

    Using the GI Bill comparison tool, determine which benefits you are eligible for based on your time in service and military status. The benefit estimator can give you information such as how much of your tuition and fees will be paid, how much you will receive for your housing allowance and book stipend. Veterans applying for Chapter 31 Vocational Benefits will need a education plan for the program to which you are seeking admission and will require advance planning before pursuing admission.

  2. Apply for admission to UW Tacoma

    Once you have selected the education benefits that you will be using, it is time to apply for admission. The University of Washington Tacoma admissions for Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters (transfer and graduate students only) with Nursing and Education offering admission in the Summer. Keep in mind that the bulk of undergraduate and graduate applicants are admitted for Autumn quarter. Each major at the university is different, may require completion of prerequisites and admits at different times per year so be sure to be in contact with the departmental advisors responsible for your intended major that you are interested in being admitted to. You can apply to the University of Washington Tacoma by going to How to Apply and selecting your application category, i.e. freshman, transfer, postbac. As a veteran you are required to submit your Joint Services Transcript as a part of your application packet.

  3. Receive "Offer of Admission" letter

    You should expect to receive an admissions decision within 2-4 weeks of completing your file. Once admitted, you will need to complete the steps below.

    Pay the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee or request a Deferral:
    We encourage all students to pay the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) within two weeks of receiving your offer of admission. Freshmen admitted for Autumn quarter must pay by May 1. The $100 NSEOF can be paid online. The NSEOF reserves your place at UW Tacoma. You will not be able to attend orientation and register for classes until the NSEOF has been paid or deferred.

    Post 9/11 benefit recipients may defer the NSEOF and it will be paid with your first quarter's tuition. If paying the NSEOF is a hardship and you have other resources supporting your enrollment, you are encouraged to complete the NSEOF Deferral form.

    Proof of Immunization:
    All newly enrolled students (except Nursing and Social Welfare students) are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity by submitting a Measles Immunity Verification form.

    Create your UW NetID:
    In order to register for classes your will need to set up a MyUW account as well as a UW email address. All official communication from UW will come to your UW email address. If you haven't already done so, create your UW Net ID and set up your email account. The university has information about how to set up your MyUW account and how to set up your UW email.
  4. Apply for benefits

    Using the following link, apply for benefits with the Veterans Administration under the Apply for Benefits tab. the VA will determine your eligibility and notify you by mail with a Certificate of Eligibility. Once you receive the Certificate of Eligibility, bring the letter into the Veteran and Military Resource Center, TLB room 307A.

  5. Contact your academic advisor

    Academic advising is required for all freshmen undergraduate students and though optional for transfer undergraduate students, is highly recommended. Your academic advisor will partner with you to support your academic plans and goals. To identify your advisor see the Undergraduate Advising Directory to get started. Graduate students will receive advising through their academic program.

  6. Register for classes

    The Time Schedule — or a list of courses offered — is available approximately three weeks before registration opens for a quarter. First-year students must meet with their academic advisor before registration while transfer students have the option to register before meeting with an advisor but are encouraged to meet regularly with your assigned academic advisor. Every quarter, using your MyUW account, you will register for classes using the registration tab and following the directions. If you haven't registered before or need a reminder on the process, these UW webcasts will walk you through the registration process.

  7. Complete the online certification request

    To receive your benefits each quarter you will need to request certification at the following site: Certification Request. Login with your MYUW login name and password. The form will ask you series of questions in addition to the classes you’re requesting to be certified. You are also able to login to the website to request adjustments to your certification at any time during the quarter and check the current status of your certification request. You will receive a confirmation email from the VA upon your initial certification.

  8. Attend orientation

    As a new student, you are required to participate in an orientation program prior to the start of your first quarter at UW Tacoma and before getting your UW Husky ID card. Husky ID cards are issued at orientation on the day of attendance. The Veteran and Military Services Office hosts an open house for you to stop by, meet the staff and other new veteran students. An online option exists for transfer students. Visit theStudent Transition Programs Office to sign up for Orientation, or for more information.

  9. Check out the resources available to you

    Visit our Veteran and Services Office and the Vet Corps Navigator for assistance with any of the steps above, or if you have any questions or concerns.

  10. Start your classes

    The Veteran and Military Services Office is here to help UW Tacoma students with their military educational benefits. Keep us updated on any changes to your enrollment for the quarter to ensure that your benefits continue while pursuing your education.