Everyone Counts! - A Point In Time Survey

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EVERYONE COUNTS: Survey and Warmth/Wellness Drive

THE DRIVE-  Warmth and Wellness

Durring the month of Janurary students from the Service Coalition at UW Tacoma are gathering donations to provide those expereiencing homelessness at the REACH Center.  Donations will be supplied on Jan 25th 2019 durring the Point In Time Survey.  

Socks/hats/gloves Hand/feet warmers Plastic rain ponchos *  Light weight blankets that are easy to carry/pack up Hygiene kits (shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrushes) Feminine hygiene products - tampons, pads

Please dop off these items at MAT 107

Donate HERE

THE POINT IN TIME SURVEY- Jan 25th @ 9-2pm

Center for Service and Leadership, and the REACH center will be teaming up to help make sure those experiencing homelessness are counted in this year's Point In Time survey coordinated by Pierce County.   The information from this survey is tied to funding and strategic utilization of resources that support people in our community experiencing homelessness.  Survey’s will be conducted at the REACH Center, a resource hub for youth experiencing homelessness.  The atmosphere will be a lively resource fair with food, supplies, and activities, of which the survey will be one. 

All volunteers will need to attend training on January 23rd in order to help us administer the survey properly.   This training will take about 1 hour and is administered by Pierce County. It will also count toward the Husky Volunteer Service Medallion hours.   Volunteers may sign up for training and join the UWT Team.

Please join us for an meaningful event that will help count everyone in our community!  

For Questions contact:  Student Leader Tina Van at cslevent@uw.edu


Sign up Here


All volunteers can sign up for then entire day or hour long time slots when registering (above)


All volunteers will need to attend training on January 23th in order to help us administer the survey and help those experiencing homelessness in our community.   

  • January 23rd  @ 12:30 -1:30
  • Location: BB 106 


Monetary daonations will be used to supply blankets, gloves and hygene products to be distrubted to those experiencing homelessness by students at the REACH Center.  Or you may donate to RSO Bins on campus Jan 7-Jan 24th.