Milgard School of Business Undergraduate Course Enrollment Request Form

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Autumn 2019 enrollment requests are now being accepted.

This form is used to request enrollment in undergraduate classes offered by the Milgard School of Business (100-400 level). Requests are processed in the order received and may take up to 48 business hours to process.



If you request to be enrolled in a course AND meet all of the following criteria, you will be enrolled  by the Milgard School of Business. 

Several criteria must be met to be enrolled in your requested courses: 

  1. You must accurately submit the course request form: your student ID number, course numbers, and SLNs must be correct. Errors in your submission will delay your enrollment request. 
  2. You must meet all prerequisites. If you do not, your request will be denied.
    • If you completed a prerequisite for a requested course at another college, you must email a copy of the unofficial transcript showing completion of that prerequisite to
  3. If instructor permission is required to approve your enrollment request, you must forward the email with their permission to  
    • Emails older than 48 hours or that cannot be verified as legitimate will not be accepted.
  4. The Milgard School of Business will not overload your schedule. All students are restricted to 19 credits until the first day of the quarter.
  5. Your request will not be granted if there are time conflicts on your schedule or holds on your account.

 It is your responsibility to check your schedule to ensure the correct course was added by MSB.