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What is the OGA Fellows Program?

The Office of Global Affairs is proud to offer UW Tacoma students the opportunity to serve in student leadership positions in our office. Office of Global Affairs Fellows are UW Tacoma students whose mission is to promote global learning opportunities on campus. OGA Fellows help plan, promote, and implement events and assist with international student services, supporting study abroad programs, student fellowship and award promotion. To successfully carry out these tasks, it is essential to have in-depth and experiential knowledge of study abroad, student fellowship processes, and international student transitions. If you have a questions, they have answers!  

Global Affairs Fellows


Name: Angel Reddy


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2023

Hi everyone! My name is Angel Reddy and I will be entering my second year at UWT. I am a Biomedical Sciences major. It took me quite a while to settle on a major. Originally, I wanted to pursue creative writing. I’ve always believed in the power of storytelling. However, as I began to take chemistry courses at UWT, I realized the sciences was where I was meant to be. I loved being a lab setting and solving problems in a methodical, deliberate manner. I still love to write and plan to strengthen that skill as I move through university.

My belief in the power of stories is what lead to me to complete a study abroad in Bangalore, India. My own family in Indo-Fijian. Their stories of Fiji filled me with awe at an early age. However, they always left me feeling empty. I never felt like I belonged to Fiji or India (or even the United States at times). When I discovered a program at UW Seattle that took students to India for a month, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought I would find all the answers to my questions. Instead, I just found more questions. Which is good! The stories that I heard from locals helped to understand my identity and question it further to grow my understanding of who I am in the world.

Studying abroad opened me to the challenges of traveling abroad. Wherever we go in the world, we carry our unique identities with us. I am happy to share more information about my experience with you if you have any questions or concerns about traveling. I look forward to working with you to plan your study abroad!

Name: Carly L. Norton


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

I am currently a senior majoring in Criminal Justice at UW Tacoma. I began my college journey as a running-start student at Centralia College where I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. I have a strong passion for social justice issues and international human rights. Working in the Office of Global Affairs has provided me with an opportunity to further my knowledge and advocacy in both areas!

I have always had a strong passion for travel. I have had the opportunity to travel to dozens of states within the U.S., most recently being New York. I have traveled abroad to several different countries, including Iceland and Italy. The next country I hope to visit is Thailand. I love learning about cultures different than my own and look forward to meeting students at UWT that are willing to share a bit of theirs with me!

I am highly passionate about study abroad opportunities. While I had planned on traveling to Ireland for the Comparative Criminal Justice program, it was unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that all chances to study and travel abroad are opportunities to gain knowledge, regardless of your field, and to grow as a person. If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to reach out! I am looking forward to meeting you.


OGA Fellow Chen-Wei "Wayne" Hu

Name: Chen-Wei "Wayne" Hu


Intended Graduation time: Spring 2022

Hi! I’m Chen-Wei Hu, or you can call me Wayne. I’m an international student from Taiwan who plans on studying Finance at UW Tacoma. I was born and raised in Taiwan, during my senior year of high school I joined an exchange program from International Rotary Club to Simcoe Canada, an agricultural community with a population of fourteen thousand people It gives me an opportunity to truly experience Canadian culture. This program allows me to meet some amazing people and other exchange students from all over the world during my 31 days road trip around the states at the end of my exchange year. There are many difficulties in regard to language, cultures, and social life that I went through, but I’ve learned from the experiences. Therefore, I want to share my experiences with others, especially those who have similar background as me, in order to guide them through possible differences they might encounter.

I'm very excited to be part of the Office of Global Affair to meet more people and participate in more campus activities to promote events as an OGA Fellow. I would love to connect with all of you. Please feel free to say hi and ask questions, its ok to not be ok I’m always here to listen!

OGA Fellow Ping Luarn

Name: Ping Luarn


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

Hello! I am an international student from Taiwan. I went to Shoreline Community College and got my associate degree in arts. I transferred to the University of Washington Tacoma in 2019 and I am currently majoring in Information Technology. When I was in Taiwan, I graduated from the National Taipei University of Business with an associate degree in Business Administration. However, I wanted to change my direction, so I decided to come to the United States to get my bachelor’s degree.

When I first came to the United States to study, I faced lots of challenges while being abroad alone. I understand what it feels like being away from your family and that is why I wanted to become a Global Affairs Fellow and help the international students at the UWT. I hope that by being a Global Affairs Fellow, I can help students to overcome culture shock, and feel more comfortable being at the UWT.

I am very excited to be a part of the OGA and would love to connect with new people. I am a huge foodie, so I am always down for some good food and bubble tea! :)

Global Ambassador Coordinator

Name: Jordan Monroe


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

Hello! I am currently a senior in the Biomedical Sciences Major here at UW-Tacoma! I have been going to school for a really long time, starting back in 2012 in Running Start! I earned my Associate’s in Arts at South Puget Sound Community College in 2015, originally fulfilling prerequisites for computer sciences. After life events and humbling experiences, I returned to Washington and studied American Sign Language before finally decided to change paths to Nursing in 2017. I earned my Associate’s degrees in Biology and Science and fell in love with Science as well as the abilities healthcare professionals have to change their patient’s lives. After a debate on the autonomy differences of healthcare professionals, I switched to studying Medicine with a surgical focus after the loss of my father this past year. I have worked in many different industries and positions such as: Manufacturing and Quality Assurance, Banking and Finance, Laboratory Technician, Music Teacher, Natural Sciences Tutor, Medical Scribe, Certified Nursing Assistant, as well as Retail Customer Service and Sales. I will say it has taken some time for me to figure myself out enough to know what I wanted for myself, but I can proudly say now that I have never been more sure of what I want to do.

My interests in Global Affairs pertain to my life goals. I would like to spend a year abroad traveling between my Bachelor’s Degree and Medical school to leave the United States. I want to see the state of the world with my own eyes and not through another’s lens. It is my hope I can use my expanding skillsets to adapt a level and style of patient care that transcends the values of current medical systems, while enhancing its positives. I am hoping to establish my own clinic after working in a program similar to the travelling hospital USNS Mercy as a civilian surgeon. Healthcare is not a spectator sport, nor is it an isolated incident. It is an absolute necessity that unites all people from all walks of life. A global and culturally humble perspective is necessary to that end. Global Affairs offers these topics as subjects of growth. In addition, something I have noticed is that growth is not defined by the time you take to arrive somewhere but by the skills and lessons you learn by moving forward. Certain skills, such as simply being nice, or good customer service, transcend work, school, and life boundaries. You would be surprised at how many new friends and connections you can make with that skillset.

I love to try new things. I took up ice skating at 21 and am certified at ISI Freestyle Four. I am a gamer. I have played video games such as RPGs and MMOs for years and have built my own desktop computers to play them (though I also own a Nintendo Switch and before you ask, yes, I do play Pokemon and Animal Crossing). Recently I have been going for walks with my headphones for exercise. I enjoy cooking, though I am not amazing I am functional. My favorite food is anything delicious.

Japanese Language Facilitator 

Name: Yuna Wada


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Yuna Wada and I became a senior in Sustainable Urban Development major this fall. I am an international student from Japan, and my college life in the U.S. started in June 2017. Three months after graduating from a high school in Japan, I came to the U.S., studied at Green River College for two years, and earned my Associates in Arts. Then I transferred to UW Tacoma in fall 2019 and started studying urban development.

Since I came to the U.S., I have faced a lot of difficulties. But all the difficulties definitely made me stronger. In addition, I made many friends who support me every time I face difficulties. I am still not confident about my English and take a lot of time to finish one assignment, but I believe these experiences help the future me.

From this fall quarter, I am offering Japanese language and culture lessons for UW students. Since the virus is spreading and I am taking classes from my house in Japan, the lessons are held on Zoom. From my experience of learning English, I understand that learning non-native languages is sometimes hard and can make the person want to give up, so I have been trying to make the Japanese lesson enjoyable to all the participants. Please feel free to email me and ask questions!

Arabic Language Facilitator 

OGA Fellow Chen-Wei "Wayne" Hu

Name: Maryam Al Darraji


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

I am a sophomore who plans on studying Biomedical Sciences at UW Tacoma. I lived in Iraq until I was 9 years old before moving to Jordan for several years. I then I came here as a refugee in 2014. When I first came to the U.S., there were people who pushed me to be who I am as a strong woman that fights for her dreams. And I want to be that person that lights up the darkness of someone’s life, and give back to those who’ve helped me.

I recognize that each person's life story is unique, making their experiences a valuable way to learn about the world. An important part about my culture is how our friends and family gather together at the end of the day. Even when we are tired, we still spend the night together by each other sides through sadness and happiness. I strive to be a representative for my culture to educate others on Middle Eastern people, and to address the incorrect portrayal of our culture in the media. I want to offer support for anyone who has questions or just needs someone to talk to.

I am a fluent speaker in Arabic and its different pronunciations, and have been learning Turkish as well. When I teach Arabic, I focus on creating an immersive environment where I work with participants as they practice. I look for ways to fuel their passion for learning a new language, and strive to work with them one-on-one whenever possible. I enjoy teaching others because I want to provide others with an opportunity to experience another culture.

My goal is to study abroad in different countries to learn about how different cultures practice medicine. I want to experience as much as possible so I can improve medical care in my home country, and places throughout the world.

I would love to be a peer mentor, and welcome any questions people may have.


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