Notable people born in Tacoma

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Tacoma has been the birthplace of three governors, several popular actors, singers and authors, and a whole lot of sports stars. This is not a comprehensive list, just some highlights.

Name Claim to fame
Stuart Anderson Restaurateur and founder of Black Angus Steakhouse chain
Earl Anthony Professional bowler 
Ben Archibald Football player, New Orleans Saints, BC Lions
Lee Artoe Football player, Chicago Bears
Pat Austin Drag racer
Bruce Bennett Actor, Tarzan
Richard Brautigan Author, Trout Fishing In America
Howard Bretherton Film director
Jeff Brotman Co-founder of Costco Wholesale
Scott Cairns Poet and essayist
Dyan Cannon Actress, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Heaven Can Wait
Jerry Cantrell Guitarist, Alice In Chains
Dale Chihuly Artist
Jeff Conine Baseball player, Florida Marlins
Bing Crosby Singer, actor, "White Christmas," Going My Way
Steve DeOssie Football player, Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants
Elinor Donahue Actress, Father Knows Best
John Ehrlichman Assistant to the President under Richard Nixon
Fred Forsberg Football player, Denver Broncos
Addison Foster Senator from Washington (1899-1905)
Nathan Gamble Actor, Babel, Dolphin Tale
Booth Gardner Governor of Washington (1985-1993)
Cam Gigandet Actor, Twilight, The O.C.
Frank Herbert Author, Dune
Ray Horton Football player, Cincinnati Bengals
Bobby Hutchins Actor, Our Gang
Jeff Jaeger Football player, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders
Jon Kitna Football player, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals
Jo Koy Stand-up comic
Dave Krusen Drummer, Pearl Jam, Candlebox
Gary Larson Cartoonist, The Far Side
Jon Lester Baseball player, Boston Red Sox
Cliff Marker Football player, NY Giants
Vicci Martinez Singer
Ron Medved Football player, Philadelphia Eagles
Shirley Mills Actress, Child Bride
Singor Mobley Football player, Edmonton Eskimos
David F. Musto Presidential adviser on drug policy under Nixon, Ford and Carter
Gordon Naccarato Award-winning chef
Eric T. Olson Admiral, Navy SEAL and Commander of the U.S. Special Operations
Brad Owen Lt. Governor of Washington (1996-2016)
Janis Paige Actress, Santa Barbara
Mark Peterson Soccer player, Seattle Sounders
Dixy Lee Ray Governor of Washington (1976-1980)
Pamela Reed Actress, Kindergarten Cop, Parks And Recreation
Del Rodgers Football player, Green Bay Packers
Albert Rosellini Governor of Washington (1956-1964)
Diane Schuur Jazz singer
Howie Seago Television and stage actor
Kyle Secor Actor, Homicide: Life On The Street
Al Swift Congressman from Washington (1978-1995)
Isaiah Thomas Basketball player, Sacramento Kings
Blair Underwood Actor, L.A. Law