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Trees on campusA high value for sustainability runs deep through UW Tacoma, where faculty offer one of the nation’s first bachelor’s degrees in Sustainable Urban Development, students promote green initiatives to protect the environment, and campus buildings were among the first in the state to receive LEED Silver and Platinum certifications.

On this page are links to projects and activities that help define UW Tacoma’s commitment to sustainability. Together, they place UW Tacoma at the vanguard of institutions working to promote and emulate sustainable practices. The mission of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability is to create and promote a sustainable university community.

What is sustainability?

It is often described as a balance of protection for the environment, a thriving local economy and social responsibility that together lead to a good quality of life for you and future generations. UW Tacoma’s definitions and approaches to sustainability are drawn from national and international initiatives focused on sustainable development.

Upcoming Events

Major initiatives that reflect our value for sustainability include:

Stories on sustainability

Prairie Line trail to be a storm-water clean dream
In addition to building the first phase of the Prairie Line Trail through campus, which will connect to the larger bike and pedestrian trial to routes from the Tacoma waterfront to the Cascade foothills, this new campus amenity will clean storm water draining downhill from a 41-acre watershed. And it will be lit with energy efficient lighting.

LEED Leader
UW Tacoma was the first university campus in the state to build a LEED certified building with Cherry Parkes, LEED Silver, in 2003. Recently, the Joy Building earned LEED Platinum. Tioga Library, the newest campus building,earned LEED Gold certification.

Who else is engaged in sustainability?
Find links to programs at the City of Tacoma, Pierce County, UW Seattle, UW Bothell, the state of Washington and more.