Academic Affairs Overview

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The University of Washington Tacoma was founded for many reasons, and does many things.  None are more important than developing, providing, assessing, and improving academic programs that prepare students for their varied futures.

Welcome. Through the pages of this website, the Department of Academic Affairs seeks to provide information important to creating an informed community of learners and educators. Our website makes available materials useful in the visioning, planning and implementing of academic initiatives that help maintain the high standards established for our university. Our goal is to grow the content available here as it is developed. Visit us ocassionally to see what's been added that may meet your information and resource needs.


Academic Affairs Support of Campus Infrastructure and Operations

The faculty lead our academic affairs by establishing the goals for student learning, using those goals to design curricula and hire additional faculty, and assessing student learning.  The campus administration supports:

  • The development and implementation of campus-wide learning objectives 
  • Curriculum and course development
  • Faculty recruitment, hiring, and promotion
  • Campus-wide assessment of student learning
  • Surveys and studies of student experiences
  • The campus’s participation in University-wide accreditation

Academic Affairs Support of Teaching and Learning

University faculty have a dual role:  contributing to global understanding or interpretation of very specific fields of study, while designing and implementing opportunities for student non-specialists to enter into somewhat broader fields.  The campus administration supports:

Academic Affairs Support of the Student Experience

Students learn from people and experiences in addition to the faculty.  Our support for the student experience includes

as well as programs, events, and exchange of big ideas. See the UWT Calendar of Events.