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The policies and practices of UW Tacoma are grounded in the principles of diversity. Through an acknowledgement of the diverse backgrounds and goals of citizens of our community, UW Tacoma believes all its constituents can be better served.

An Institutional Commitment to Diversity

Acknowledging the importance of diversity means holding to the principles of acceptance, respect, and inclusion. This extends to all members of the UW community; students, staff, and faculty. Regardless of one's race and ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status or religious beliefs, or physical abilities, Academic Affairs believes each individual is unique, and can potentially add value to our shared educational experience. Thus Academic Affairs seeks to recruit exceptional faculty of diverse backgrounds, and further, to create an inclusive environment in which one can grow and thrive as a member of our community.

The Office for Equity and Inclusion is the steward of our institutional commitment to diversity. The office serves in a leadership role to ensure an equitable environment for all members of the UW Tacoma community.

UW Tacoma Diversity Taskforce

Academic Affairs supports the efforts of the Office of Equity and Diversity by participating in the activities of the UW Tacoma Diversity Taskforce (DTF). The taskforce seeks to provide the analysis and support necessary to aid the university in meeting its aspirational goals for a diverse and equitable learning community. Working from six distinct subcommittees, the taskforce focuses on initiatives to promote greater enrollment and retention of students of color as well as identifying ways of increasing the appointment of underrepresented minority scholars as members of the faculty. The DTF also investigates opportunities for offering culturally relevant curricula across the campus and increasing public service opportunities and campus activities that prepare all UW Tacoma students for leadership and service in a multicultural society.

As an expression of its mission, the DTF prepared a Report to the Chancellor in 2011 on the state of diversity efforts on campus and recommendations for addressing areas that could help further promote the establishment of university diversity goals.

Taken from that report, the following table illustrates the numbers of students by race and ethnicity, who applied to UW Tacoma for admission for the autumn quarters 2007 to 2011.

Table D1: Application Yields by Race/Ethnicity 2007-2011

Also taken from the DTF's Report to the Chancellor is the following analysis of retention and average grade point average (GPA) for underrepresented minority students from 1st to 2nd Year 2005 – 2009.

Chart D1: Average Retention and GPA: URM Students