New Graduate Degree Programs

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Guidelines for Proposals for New Graduate Degree Programs

The UWT Office of Academic Affairs, with support from the UW Graduate School's Office of Academic Affairs and Planning, coordinates the review of new graduate degree proposals. The process for new graduate program review is being revised in conjunction with changes in Tri-Campus Policy, the state-level Interinstitutional Committee for Academic Program Planning, and requirements of the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities.  The chart below was updated March 2019.

The approval process for new graduate degree programs includes submission of two documents: the Planning Notice of Intent (PNOI) and the Full Program Proposal.

New degree programs require Graduate School review, including evaluation by external reviewers, followed by consideration and approval by UWT Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee. Proposals are forwarded to the UW Board of Regents for final approval.

Additional information on new degree proposal requirements: Guidelines for New Degree Program