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The charge of the Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) is to provide coordination for academic assessment efforts at the University of Washington Tacoma, and to make recommendations for improvement of those assessment efforts. In doing so, the Academic Assessment Committee strengthens the quality of the University and enhances its accountability.

Members of the Academic Assessment Committee collectively have responsibility for coordinating academic assessment efforts at UW Tacoma.  Specifically, the AAC is expected to:

  • Advise the VCAA about academic assessment needs of the campus 
  • Recommend a plan for ongoing academic assessment that:
    • is oriented toward ongoing improvement of  
    • builds on current strengths and practices  
    • is driven by faculty 
    • ensures a process for utilizing the results of assessment to make necessary improvements
    • includes a timetable and strategy for periodic updates of the assessment plan 
    • Provide opportunities for other faculty to discuss assessment of student learning and develop robust assessment practices.

The goal of these efforts is to foster a culture of continuous improvement in student learning, through systematic assessment that is faculty‐driven and administratively supported. The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), and its membership represents each academic disciplinary unit, Undergraduate Education and the Library.

2013-2014  Academic Assessment Committee

Academic Affairs Ginger MacDonald, Chair
Academic Advising Center Lynda West
Education Diane Kinder
Data and Information Michael Crosby
Institute of Technology Bryan Goda
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences David Coon
Library Erica Coe
Milgard School of Business Evy Shankus
Nursing and Health Care Leadership Ruth Rea
Social Work Marian Harris
Teaching and Learning Center Beckie Etheridge
Urban Studies Anthony Falit-Baiamonte
Student and Enrollment Services Cyndy Snyder
Criminal Justice/Social Work Alison Ackerman
Office of Undergraduate Education Nicole Blair

The VCAA provides a focus to the committee's work via the committee charge. This statement of tasks to be performed during the academic year is targeted to the primary goal of the committee to improve student achievement in the academic disciplines, readying then for lifelong learning and professional success after leaving UW Tacoma.

Supporting objectives in support of this goal are:

  1. Each unit will show improvement over past year in showing evidence of using assessment to
    inform program planning and improvement in the delivery of instructional services to students.  
  2. Units will take advantage of all currently available, useful assessment processes and data, in
    order to make the least amount of new work for faculty & staff.

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