Meet the ASUWT 2019-2020

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ASUWT is comprised of: Executive Board, Senate, & Hired Staff


Executive Board





Vincent Da


  • Develop proposals and comments regarding University policy
  • Communicate with the student government of UW Bothell and UW Seattle
  • Communicate with the Faculty Assembly and Staff Assembly

Laurel Hicks

Director of University Affairs

  • Communicate with the student body to determine students' general wants, needs, and concerns
  • Initiate projects to improve interiors and exteriors of campus buildings

Kirsten Lynn Hargett 

Director of Internal Communication & Affairs

  • Ensure that the current academic year’s resolutions, bills, and meeting minutes be made publicly
  • Reporting to each body and suggesting bills, amendments or other resolutions to issues

Eunice Yang

Director of Finance

  • Oversee, review, and approve all expenditures of ASUWT
  • Serve as a communication link between budgeting committees and ASUWT
  • Ensure ASUWT’s financial compliance and transparency

Shelton Wright

Director of Legislative Affairs

  • Communicate and assert student needs to the Tacoma City Council, State Legislature, Governor, Washington Student Achievement Council, and federal congressional members

John Tran Nguyen

Director of Student Technology

  • Serve as ASUWT’s representative on the Campus Technology Committee
  • Present STFC approved amendments of the Student Technology Fee Committee Policies & Procedures for Executive Board ratification

Margarita Daisy Gonzalez

Director of Outreach

    • Coordinate opportunities for collaboration between ASUWT and other organizations
    • Create opportunities for students campus-wide to express concerns to the ASUWT Executive Board and Senate





    Drew Dunston

    Milgard School of Business Senator

    Gina Choi

    Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Senator #1


    Alexandra Dogbe

    Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Senator #2

    Yeo Lee

    Education Senator

    Steven Simmons

    Social Work & Criminal Justice Senator

    Tran Dang

    Nursing/Healthcare Leadership Senator

    Thaddaeus Hug

    Institute of Technology Senator

    Seonhwa Pak

    Undeclared Major Senator #1

    Sydney Horen

    Undeclared Major Senator #2

    Dennis N. Adjetey

    Urban Studies Senator

    Hired Staff




    Erik Calabaza

    Office Manager

    Bengisu Cicek

    Legislative Liaison

    Sean Arent

    City Liaison

    Ping Luarn

                        Multimedia Specialist



    Election Administration Chair