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BreakAway does service trips during weekends and school breaks. Through this immersion, coupled with reflective practices, participants make connections, build skills, and create change in their community.

Why BreakAway?

BreakAway doesn’t just impact our local and national communities, but gives participants lifelong skills and a more in-depth look at the social issues being addressed. Past participants have gotten job experience, internships, and more. Most importantly, they have gained a better understanding of themselves and the importance of community service work.

8 Components of a Quality BreakAway

How much will this cost? 

Address any financial concerns by contacting

The required application fee for BreakAway is $50. This helps to cover training expenses. This is the only fee charged directly to participants. BreakAway participants are each expected to fundraise the remaining cost of the trip with the support of the BreakAway Coordinator and their BreakAway team. This can be done through personal outreach, fundraising events, and personal donation. We encourage creativity and collaboration to successfully raise this amount.  Any funds raised that are not used will be available for future BreakAway funding. If you need support with your deposit, contact the BreakAway Coordinator.

How do I join?

Site sign ups are now available for the Summer Service Intensive. Winter and Spring sign ups will be available beginning next academic year. To register, visit or email

Where will we go?

Have somewhere you want to go or an issue you care about? Contact the BreakAway Coordinator with a proposal!

This year, trips are partnering with Tacoma Pierce County Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah, and Lifelong.

Past trips have gone to Tacoma Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco, Disaster Relief in New Orleans, and Friends of Buford Park in Oregon.


Contact the BreakAway Coordinator:

Frederick Anex-Schnauss


Center for Service and Leadership MAT 107

Contact the Center for Service and Leadership:

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