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The minor in Sports Enterprise Management is designed for undergraduate students in any major at UW Tacoma to provide a foundational understanding and set of tools necessary to navigate the evolving environment of Sports Enterprise Management.

The minor prepares students to develop critical thinking skills and to analyze the business environment in the sports industry. The curriculum enables students to discover evidence and determine actions to be taken to support the activities of for-profit and not-for-profit sports enterprises.

The Sports Enterprise Management minor requires 25 credits:
15 credits from three required courses
10 credits of electives from the approved elective list

No more than 10 credits may be counted toward both the Minor in Sports Enterprise Management and another major or minor.

Before you can declare a minor, you must have declared a major and earned a minimum of 45 credits.

Learning Outcomes

Students achieving a minor in Sports Enterprise Management will be able to:

    • Develop and apply critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in analyzing sport management issues and in decision making.
    • Identify and analyze ethical, legal, and socio-cultural issues, and formulate responses for use in managerial decision making and policy determinations in sport. 
    • Employ principles of evidence-based management, strategic planning, data analytics, and financial management.
    • Describe how sport is a medium for integrating gender issues, ethnic, religious, and disabilities interests.
    • Apply personal ethics and ethical theory to issues in the business of sport.

    The Sports Enterprise Management minor requires 25 credits. The minor consists of the following courses:

    Sports Enterprise Management Foundation Courses (15 credits)

    Topical Course Work (10 credits from approved elective list)

    Electives listed by School, see course catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. Some elective courses may have registration restrictions, please check the UWT time schedule for course restriction details.

    Electives offered through the Milgard School of Business

    T BUS 300 Managing Organizations
    T BUS 310 Effective Managerial Communications
    T BUS 320 Introduction to Marketing Management
    T MGMT 314 Interpersonal Skills
    TMKTG 470 Sports Marketing
    TBANLT 450 Decision Modeling
    TBANLT 460 Predictive Analytics 
    TBANLT 480 Social Media Management & Analytics *offererd as TMKTG/TMGMT 490 Special Topics prior to win 2020

    Electives offered through the School of Education

    T EDUC 482 Education Foundations: Policy, Ethics, and Philosophy

    Electives offered through the School of Engineering and Technology

    TINST 312 Computer Networks and the Internet

    Electives offered through the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

    T AMST 420 Drugs and U.S. Culture
    TCOM 320 Principles of Web Design
    TCOM 330 Mobile Communication and Social Practice
    TCOM 340 Global TV: Format, Genre, and Reception
    TCOM 347 Television Criticism and Application
    TCOM 351 Video Production
    TCOM 440 Advertising and Consumer Culture
    TCOM 453 Critical Approaches to Mass Communication
    TECON 350 Law and Economics
    TESC 345 Pollution and Public Policy
    T FILM 348 Film and Human Values
    T GEOG 321 Urban Geography
    T GEOG 403 Geography of the United States of America and Canada
    T LAW 363 Law in Society
    TNPRFT 455 Philanthropy and Social Change
    T PHIL 361 Ethics in Society  
    T PHIL 410 Social Philosophy
    TPOL S 300 Mass Media and U.S. Politics
    TPOL S 325 Issues in Local Government
    T SOC 335 Social Class and Inequality
    T SOC 432 Schooling in the United States
    T WOMN 345 Women and Work in the United States
    T WOMN 420 Women in the Global Economy 

    Electives offered through the School of Urban Studies

    T URB 301 The Urban Condition
    T URB 305 Data and the City
    T URB 316 Cities and Belonging
    T URB 322 Land-Use Planning
    T URB 324 Urban and Regional Economics
    T URB 325 Urban Transportation: Problems and Prospects
    T UDE 310 Social Production of Space

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