Emergency Evacuation

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Evacuation routes shown are only to indicate to which Assembly Point (AP) occupants of each building should go. Always take the safest route to the proper Assembly Point, based on the circumstances.

Campus Evacuation Map

Building Evacuation Wardens

Because of the personal nature of safety performance, everyone with supervisory responsibility is expected to directly participate in the supervision of programs to assure that safe working conditions are maintained. Faculty and staff shall be directly responsible for their own safety, for the safety of students and employees under their supervision; and for the safety of their fellow employees. This responsibility can neither be transferred nor delegated. Supervisors shall provide training for accident prevention as necessary, for those working under their direction.

Ref: "University Handbook," Vol.4; Part VI; Chapter 4, University Safety Programs; Section 1, Statement of Policy and Responsibilities. (Executive Order No. 55 of the President, last revision April 1994)

Emergency Resources

Emergency phones

Locations are shown with this icon on the map above. More information about emergency phones.

First Aid Kits

First aid kit is located at the Campus Safety & Security office in DOU180.  Each department maintains there own First Aid Kit for their employees. Check with your department supervisor for more information.

Heart defibrillators

Locations are shown with this icon on the map above. Specific locations are detailed in this table.

  • Cherry Parkes, 1st floor; in hallway between 102A and 133
  • Dougan 180; inside Campus Safety and Security Office; 692-4888
  • GWP 320; in hallway outside Lucien Boardroom
  • Mattress Factory 107; 692-5601
  • Pinkerton, 2nd floor by PNK212 
  • Science, 2nd floor; in faculty suite next to Rm. 228
  • Snoqualmie, 1st floor; at service desk; 692-4440
  • Walsh Gardner (WG) 108; in Student Computer Lab; 692-5611
  • WCG-in the hallway 1st floor between WCG and BHS interior doors