Volcanic Eruption - Emergency Guide

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Volcanic Erupation guideWhat is the situation?

We live on the "Ring of Fire" with five active volcanoes in Washington state. Volcanic eruptions can be accompanied by other natural hazards including earthquakes, mudflows and flash floods, landslides, acid rain, fire and tsunamis.

What should I do?

  • If you are near an erupting volcano, evacuate the area immedately.
  • Be aware of mudflows, they can move faster that you can run. Look upstream before crossing any bridges and do not cross if a mudflow is approaching.
  • Avoid river valleys and low-lying areas.
  • Stay indoors until the ash has settled unless there is a danger of the roof collapsing.
  • Stay away from areas downwind from the volcano to avoid falling ash.
  • Close doors, windows and other ventilation.
  • Avoid driving during heavy ash fall unless absolutely necessary. If you have to drive, keep your speed down to 35 MPH or slower.
  • Clear heavy ash from roofs and gutters.