What to do when the weather turns bad

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In the event of snow, ice or other dangerous conditions, campus leadership will assess the conditions and make a decision no later than 6 a.m. — earlier if possible — about whether to suspend operations for the entire day or operate on a delayed schedule.

Can't safely get to campus? Stay home!

Students, faculty and staff who are unable to get to campus because of dangerous conditions may decide to remain home, even if the University is open. Each decision is a personal one and should be made according to individual judgment. Staff should contact their supervisors if they will be unable to get to work on time because of the weather conditions. See UW Tacoma's Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations policies for more information. Faculty should make every effort to notify students of any class cancellations. Also see directions for using Canvas to make announcements.

What happens if the university is open but the faculty member can’t make it to class?

Individual faculty are empowered to make their own decisions regarding cancellations. They know the circumstances of their classrooms best. Faculty members should communicate to students if they have to cancel a class. We recommend that faculty members communicate as far ahead of time as possible if a class must be canceled. The recommended method for faculty to apprise students of class cancellations is via announcements in Canvas. Similarly, students who cannot get to class should let their faculty know.

If my class is not canceled but I can’t attend because of bad weather, will I be penalized for not making it to class?

The University advises faculty members to balance concern for student learning and accountability with concern for student safety. We trust faculty to be fair in such circumstances. However, students who feel that they have been unfairly penalized for classes they missed due to bad weather should first speak with the faculty member. If that conversation does not resolve the issue, students should contact the faculty member's department chair or dean.

If the university closes, does that mean the Court 17 residence hall closes, too?

No. When the university closes, it cancels any scheduled classes and events. However, university residence halls remain open and the residential and retail dining outlets will remain open per scheduled hours as much as possible.

How do I get more information?

As conditions change, you can check these resources for the current information:


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