Credit Card Payment Policies

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At the direction of the UW PCI Merchant Services Director, UW Tacoma’s Cashier’s Office is updating its current credit card payment policy and process.

The Cashier’s Office accepts credit/debit card payments online, via TouchNet Marketplace, the University of Washington’s eCommerce platform. The Marketplace enables University departments the ability to sell products and services, or collect fines online while reducing the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard scope. With the switch to TouchNet, the UW Tacoma Cashier’s Office will no longer need to accept in person credit/debit card payments, as all purchases can be paid online without any associated convenience or service fees.

If your department needs to accept credit card payments, contact the Cashier’s Office (  to learn how to get set up on the TouchNet Marketplace

By working with the UW Tacoma Cashier’s Office, you are ensuring the most secure form of credit card processing. The Cashier’s Office is then responsible for reconciling the online payments and producing sales reports. The department is still responsible for reconciling their budget on MyFD.

To maintain strict internal controls, the Cashier’s Office will also issue any applicable refunds. It is up to the department to request the refund along with the corresponding refund documentation including: order #, amount to refund, and reason for refund.


Request One Time TouchNet Invoice

For departments that occasionally invoice vendors, businesses/organizations and/or individuals, you can still have your users pay their invoice balance online with TouchNet.  The funds will go into a holding budget and then the Finance Office (A&B) will transfer the funds into the department budget. 

If your department doesn’t have an invoice template, download the generic template and customize it with your unit information. 

After you send the invoice to your customer, email a copy of the completed invoice to


Merchant Fee Structure:

Costs associated with the acceptance of credit cards

There are many fees incurred when accepting credit and debit payments including:  Interchange Fees, UW Merchant Fee, Merchant Processing Fees and Miscellaneous Fees.  When departments are utilizing the TouchNet Marketplace to sell products or services, these fees are billed directly to the department budget based on their individual MID (merchant identification). 

In some cases departments need to receive payment for a “one-off” invoice and there really isn’t a need to set them up with their own MID.  In these incidents, the Cashier’s Office will process the payment under its MID.  Departments will still be responsible for paying the associated fees. In order to expedite the internal billing process, thus insuring timely budget reconciliation, the Cashiers’ Office standardizes the credit card merchant fee billing to a flat rate of 3%*.  

Each month, departments utilizing the Cashier’s Office credit card service will receive a report detailing the previous month’s transactions.  This report should be used to reconcile departmental budgets.  It is the responsibility of each department to take these fees into consideration when setting their prices. 

If you think you will need to invoice more frequently, contact to get set up with your own MID and invoice item on the TouchNet Marketplace.

* This rate is subject to change.