Master of Education for Practicing Educators

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The UW Tacoma School of Education admits new students every quarter for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) for Practicing Educators Program.

The graduate degree program is designed to build upon the skills, knowledge and commitment of practicing educators and other professionals working in educational settings. This graduate degree program offers five areas of emphasis that you can select to best fit your professional learning and development needs. With this high-quality graduate degree from UW, you will be prepared to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Our UW Tacoma professors are skilled instructors who are actively engaged in schools and produce quality research. As our students complete this graduate program, they typically earn higher salaries and promotions, realize exciting new career opportunities, and advance the lives of their students in truly meaningful ways.

Is this Graduate Program right for me? A teaching certificate is not required to enroll. Our graduate students include full-time practicing teachers; educational consultants; school support personnel; instructional, behavioral and emotional coordinators and coaches; counselors and advisors; community college instructors; after school program educators; and those working in nonprofit educational organizations. This program is for professionals with full-time jobs. It is designed as a part-time program, with most classes meeting during the evening with increasing hybrid and online options. Generally, the core and study-option courses are completed in the first year, and elective courses and a culminating experience are completed in the second year. The program allows certified teachers to embed endorsements for Special Education and English Language Learners into their degree program.

Study Options:

  • Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Special Education
  • Student Academic and Social Success (SASS)
  • Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)