Corporate Responsibility Minor

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The minor in Corporate Responsibility is designed for undergraduate students in any major to provide a foundational understanding and set of tools necessary to navigate the evolving environment of corporate responsibility (CR).

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) Minor gives students a firm understanding of why good businesses operate in a way that builds value for all stakeholders, and how to best accomplish this in a strategic way. Students will develop a strong understanding of the evolution of corporate responsibility successes and failures as well as the tactical tools necessary to be successful in any career.

The CR minor consists of 28 credits: 20 core credits, 5 elective credits, and a 3-credit seminar/culminating experience that will prepare students for careers in organizations that are socially responsible, sustainable, and ethical.

Program Structure/Requirements

The CR minor will consist of 28 credits: 20 core credits, 5 elective credits, and a 3-credit seminar/culminating experience.
• 18 credits must be upper division
• No more than 10 credits in this minor may also count towards the major

Each of the required and elective courses below is 5 credits unless otherwise listed.

Core credits: Corporate Responsibility Foundation Courses (20 credits)

T BGEN 212 – Introduction to Corporate Responsibility

T BGEN 312 – Communicating Corporate Responsibility

T BGEN 322 – Measuring Corporate Responsibility

T MGMT 420 – Managing Corporate Responsibility

Select 5 credits from the following approved electives:

Programs will advise students where to focus to best complement declared major.

T ESC 201 – The Science of Environmental Sustainability

T EST 295 – Valuing Ecosystems Services and Natural Capital

T HIST 315 – Industrialization and Reform

T SUD 222 – Introduction to Sustainability

T SUD 444 – Green Internationalism

T SUD 475 – Community and Economy

Corporate Responsibility Capstone

TBGEN 422 (3 credits)-Capstone seminar brings together all of the students’ learning into one culminating experience through our well-established case competition and corporate CSR conference.