Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Leadership

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The University of Washington Tacoma’s bachelor of arts degree with a major in Healthcare Leadership provides opportunities for students interested in leadership positions across a spectrum of healthcare settings.  The program is designed to utilize an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students for careers in healthcare. This degree will prepare students in South Puget Sound with the critical thinking processes and experiential learning necessary to become leaders in organizations ranging from healthcare systems to government agencies.

The bachelor of arts with a major in Healthcare Leadership curriculum focuses on critical thinking and analysis, communication, and diversity. The baccalaureate degree enables individuals to assume leadership roles in a range of positions. Graduates collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in complex organizational systems to improve health care access, cost, and quality.

What Makes the Program Unique?

  • Offers courses designed to apply content to healthcare leadership
  • Works for both part-time and full-time students
  • Provides opportunities to explore interests and be creative

In addition to the major, opportunities exist to obtain a minor or a certificate in other disciplines.

Students have community partnership opportunities culminating in a four-credit fieldwork experience in which the students participate in real-world learning experiences in a healthcare organization in the community. These learning opportunities serve as a bridge to future employment opportunities for the students.

Program Goals

  • Use multiple communication strategies that enhance positive human relationships considering both clients/customers and work force personnel.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate both theoretical and experiential knowledge relevant to leadership in the healthcare environment.
  • Integrate ethical behaviors into leadership practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the healthcare environment that includes awareness of cost, access, and quality challenges and the ability to generate solutions to these challenges.
  • Demonstrate basic budgeting, outcome measurement, and informatics abilities.

To support and document progress toward accomplishing these goals, each graduating student is required to submit a portfolio of work completed during the student’s residence at UW Tacoma.