Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies

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This major focuses on class, ethnicity, and gender to explore how communities form and are transformed. Students also explore categories such as nationality, religion, and citizenship. These areas are explored in the context of important questions such as: What are the sources of wealth and poverty, of racial and ethnic conflict, of gender differences? Students also explore historical roots of various communities and analyze movements for social change and group empowerment.

Students of this major pursue careers in a range of public and private service organizations, the corporate world, unions, and community organizations. This major prepares students for graduate study in law, education, public administration and urban policy, history, sociology, political science and anthropology.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to assess socially meaningful identities in a variety of cultural and critical contexts, and to communicate across social boundaries in a multi-cultural world.
  • Learn how to integrate and link ethnic, gender and labor studies.
  • Develop comparative research and critical thinking skills for understanding the range of lived experiences in local and global communities and to understand how power operates in society.
  • Develop research and writing skills in an integrative learning approach including a range of humanities and social science perspectives.
  • Understand various analytical and/or rhetorical frameworks related to various areas of study within ethnic, gender and labor studies and relevant to the world of work, civic engagement and community development.