Bachelor of Arts in History

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The History major provides a foundation in American and world history along with options in U.S. History, European History, Asian History, and Global History or in a Self-Designed History option.  Students will learn how to gather information from primary and secondary sources, cull and analyze that information and identify its most significant aspects, reach conclusions based on that analysis, and produce well-written narratives and oral presentations relating the contents and results of their work. History teaches basic comprehension of chronology and cause and effect reasoning, and is thus a discipline that students need to succeed in all fields of research.

As Pierce County and the entire South Sound region continue to grow, individuals with training in History will find increasing opportunities in the fields of education, records management, museum curation, government service, heritage tourism, journalism, and other professions.  History also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in law, education and many other areas.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a student in the History major, you will learn:

  • oral and written communication
  • diverse areas of history and the relevant historical facts and context
  • historiographic and interpretive differences, especially regarding causation
  • use of primary and secondary source evidence
  • how to work independently and in groups