Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation with the bachelor of arts degree, each student enrolled in the program must meet the UW Tacoma scholastic standards  (2.0 UW GPA), credits required (minimum 180) and the final-year residency requirement and complete the following program requirements:

  • Complete all general education requirements not met with transfer courses. See advisor for details.
  • Complete a minimum of 45 credits of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences course work. Some majors or concentrations may require more.
  • Complete a minimum of 45 credits of upper-division course work, including transfer courses and UW Tacoma courses.
  • Complete 5 credits of English composition with a minimum 2.0 grade. This must be completed in a student’s first two quarters at UW Tacoma.
  • Complete the requirements for a major or concentration (minors are optional).
  • No more than 15 elective credits can be taken for a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory grade. See advisor for details.
  • Complete at least 45 of last 60 credits in residence at the University of Washington Tacoma.
  • Meet with an advisor to complete a graduation application no later than the second week of the quarter in which the student plans to graduate.

For Mathematics, you need to complete 79 credits to meet the degree requirements. You must earn a total of 180 quarter credits, or 225 quarter credits for a double degree, to earn a bachelor degree in your chosen major.

Core Courses

Extended Core (5 credits)

The extended core requires one of the two classes listed below. Notice that students must complete at least one two-quarter sequence but only one sequence is offered every year. Algebra is offered winter and spring of even years and Analysis is offered winter and spring of odd years.

​Electives Guaranteeing Breadth of Knowledge (25 credits)

A total of 25 credits must be taken and each area requires a minimum of three credits and at least one class. No more than 5 credits can be satisfied by a course numbered below 300. Note that a class may satisfy two elective areas which will afford students the promised flexibility to tailor their studies toward their desired career goals.

Area: Computing

See Mathematics web page for approved list of Computing courses.

​Area: Math in Culture

See Mathematics web page for approved list of Math in Culture courses.

Area: Modeling

See Mathematics web page for approved list of Modeling courses.

Area: Probability/Statistics

See Mathematics web page for approved list of Probability/Statistics courses.

Area: Topology/Geometry

See Mathematics web page for approved list of Topology/Geometry courses.

Additional courses that count as general electives

See Mathematics web page for approved list of additional courses that count as general electives.

Capstone Experience

The Mathematics Capstone class TMATH 450 must be completed and is designed to hone students' technical communication skills. Students must complete a research experience such as an independent reading, undergraduate research experience, special topics course, internship, or senior thesis before enrolling so that they can draw upon the experience and results when creating their paper and presentation.

Additional Requirements

All B.S. students must complete the following requirements prior to graduation from UW Tacoma:

  • 10 credits of foreign language - two quarters in college or two years in high school of a single language
  • 20 credits of VLPA - Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (humanities)
  • 20 credits of I&S - Individual and Societies (social science courses)

It is common for transfer students to have already met some or all of these requirements. Whatever a student is missing will become part of his or her study plan while at UW Tacoma.

TMATH portfolio requirements

Portfolios are submitted as part of course requirements for TMATH 450.