Global Studies Concentration

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Students in the Global Studies concentration study a variety of subjects and themes in an international context, including artistic, cultural, political and economic patterns among and within other nations. Advanced language study is an integral component of global studies. Students may choose to focus their studies on one or more world regions or specific themes.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop knowledge of human cultures through the study of the humanities, social sciences, languages and the arts.
  • Be able to engage in cultural and cross-cultural inquiry, analysis and critiques of historical, political and literary texts.
  • Develop a broad understanding of contemporary global issues and be able to situate them in a theoretical framework
  • Have a basic knowledge of world history and the way history of specific regions overlaps to form recognizable cultural patterns.
  • Be aware of the value of interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Develop their ability to communicate orally and in writing with style and precision.
  • Become proficient in a second language and be aware of the ways that culture shapes meaning.
  • Have the intellectual tools, skills and knowledge to be engaged and knowledgeable citizens in a rapidly changing world.
  • Acquire and develop skills to enable them to be lifelong learners.

Career Options

Students of Global Studies pursue careers in government, business, nonprofit management, the media, education and international law. Depending on the focus students choose, they may pursue graduate studies in related world areas or disciplines.