Sociology Minor

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Be prepared to be an engaged citizen who can speak confidently across a range of contemporary social issues with a minor in Sociology. Learn to think deeply about current social problems, issues of social difference, structures of social institutions and more generally about inequality and power in society. This minor will introduce you to a variety of sociological concepts, frameworks, and theories that address individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and societies, leaving you prepared to think critically about society and the social worlds we inhabit.

Students who complete this minor will be able to:

  • Discuss the ways in which culture and social structure shape individual lives.
  • Identify and analyze contemporary social questions using diverse social theories.
  • Articulate how intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, class, nation, sexuality and other categories of difference shape society at an individual level, an institutional level and at a cultural level.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of social justice and collective activism.

SIAS majors are designed to allow a student to earn a minor without additional credits beyond that required for graduation. This minor is open to students from all majors. Majors the Sociology minor complements include American Studies, Business, Criminal Justice, EGLS, PPE, Psychology, Urban Studies, and Social Welfare. See your program advisor for more information.

Requirements: 25 credits

  • The Sociology minor requires 25 credits.
  • All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0.
  • At least 15 credits must be from upper-division courses.
  • No more than 40% of coursework can be counted towards both the Sociology minor and another major or minor.

Foundational Sociological Coursework: 10 credits

Topical Coursework in Sociology: 15 credits