Restoration Ecology Minor/Certificate

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The University of Washington Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) was established to prepare students to meet the multidisciplinary challenges in the field of ecological restoration. Effective restoration requires the interactive efforts of experts from many disciplines, as illustrated below. UW-REN offers students from any UW program the opportunity to obtain a certificate of academic experience in Restoration Ecology. This program provides students with a substantial background in restoration ecology within the context of their degree program. The REC is not associated with a degree program. It demonstrates to employers and funding agencies that a fundamental training in restoration ecology, including a one-year, team-based restoration project has been completed. Study ranges from theory to practice to provide students with skills necessary to participate as effective team members or to lead challenging restoration projects.


The Restoration Ecology certificate requires a minimum of 25 credits. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0 

Introduction: 5 credits

Restoration-related courses (10 credits)

​UW Tacoma Courses

Or, students may complete 10 credits of restoration-related courses from an approved list of courses that is available on the UW-REN website. Courses not on the list can be petitioned to the UW-REN director.

UW-REN Senior Restoration Capstone

The capstone consists of a three-quarter, 10-credit sequence of courses that take place during the fall-winter-spring quarters. In the capstone, students participate in a hands-on restoration project from design, analysis, and implementation to developing a monitoring plan, all within a multidisciplinary teamwork setting.