Graduate Nonmatriculated Students

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Graduate nonmatriculated (GNM) is a classification for post-baccalaureate students who are not seeking a graduate degree at the time of registration.

While a student does not need GNM status to register for a graduate-level class, a student must have it in order to apply the credits to a graduate degree at the University of Washington should the student later be admitted as a matriculated graduate student. GNM status is granted by the individual graduate program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 90 quarter (60 semester) graded credits is required for consideration. A student who is later admitted to the Graduate School may apply a maximum of 12 applicable GNM credits (or any combination of GNM and up to six approved transfer credits, totaling 12 credits) toward a master’s degree. Admission into the GNM status does not confer priority for or guarantee of later admission into the Graduate School to pursue a degree. 

Applicants for GNM status must contact the academic program directly for application information. Not all programs choose to offer GNM status. Programs will advise students regarding the status and provide instructions, application forms and program requirements to appropriate candidates.

Failure to register for any quarter except summer quarter will result in loss of GNM status. Once GNM status has been lost, the application process must be repeated in order to be readmitted as a GNM student. The transcripts and other student records from the prior records can be forwarded to supplement the new application.

GNM students pay fees and tuition at the regular graduate-student rate based on residency of the student including the Student Services and Activity Fee and the Technology Fee. GNM students are not eligible for financial aid because most financial aid is governed by federal regulations that require students to be enrolled in degree programs. Students will be assigned a UW student number and receive a student identification card that entitles them to all privileges and access to facilities that are extended to matriculated students.