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The University of Washington Tacoma School of Education offers graduate-level programs that help you start or advance your career in the education field. Whether you are aspiring to be a first-time teacher, looking to advance your career, or preparing for a high-level leadership role, UW Tacoma is ready to meet you where you are in life and guide you to the best path forward.

If you want to become a teacher, if you are already a teacher and want to advance your career, or you are a current or aspiring leader, come join us and let us help you meet your goals!


The mission of the University of Washington Tacoma School of Education is to prepare ethical and reflective educators who transform learning, contribute to the community, exemplify professionalism and promote diversity.


Educate, Empower, Excel.


School of Education faculty and staff exhibit integrity by upholding the values of:

  • Knowledge - Our discovery, development, and dissemination of scholarship that informs theory and practice
  • Service - Our beneficial contribution to the community
  • Professional excellence - Our dedication to helping teachers and leaders to help children as we advance the profession of education
  • Justice - Our ability to create and advance economic, social and educational opportunities
  • Diversity - Our commitment to understand and respectfully engage the complexity, multidimensionality, and strength of race, ethnicity, class, culture, language, gender, sexuality, age, intellectual ability, physical ability, and religion.

Program Goals

The School of Education faculty will:

  1. Promote and support social justice
  2. Promote and support diversity
  3. Engage in outstanding faculty scholarship
  4. Provide innovative and high quality teaching
  5. Collaborate with communities and schools and provide service in the field
  6. Provide educational offerings that meet professional and regional needs for high quality, rigorous, and accessible educational programs
  7. Support interdisciplinary education

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the School of Education, students will be able to:

  1. Integrate theory, research, ethics, and experience to implement best practices in assessment, instruction and classroom management
  2. Develop an integrated philosophical framework that clarifies and guides educational practices
  3. Develop the dispositions, knowledge and skills to collaborate in professional learning communities
  4. Demonstrate strategic decision making for the betterment of the students, classrooms, families, schools and communities
  5. Develop a reflective practice that addresses the complexity and strength of race/ethnicity, class, culture, language, genders, sexualities, age, mental/physical ability and religion