Global Engagement Minor/Pathways

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Global Engagement Minor

The interconnected challenges and opportunities of globalization touch us all. It is essential to develop sensibilities and competencies to navigate the global interactions that pervade almost all walks of professional, academic, civil, and social life. By critically exploring the interdisciplinary breadth, depth, and intriguing implications of globalization, students who pursue the minor in Global Engagement are excellently equipped to do exactly that.


Students who do not pursue a minor in Global Engagement may choose one of three program pathways ranging between 13 and 24 credits - Global Scholar, Global Leadership, or Global Citizenship. These are tailored to individual learning needs and combine three pillars of professional excellence - scholarly advancement, effective leadership, and community engagement. All three pathways, and especially the Global Honors distinction, can considerably enhance your academic resume.

Declaring a Minor

NOTE: Admission to the minor in Global Engagement is limited to students enrolled with the Global Honors Program. Find out more about eligibility on the admissions page at

You can declare a minor by using the same request to declare/change major form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have any questions about this process, please see your advisor.