Bachelor of Arts in Writing Studies

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Students in the Writing Studies major want to impact the world through compelling writing, whether it be in a creative, technical, or professional context. Students learn to write effectively in a range of genres, and to think critically and creatively. Writing Studies prepares students to be verbally and visually literate in a manner that encourages their growth as learners, citizens, and professionals. Students also receive a well- rounded liberal arts education in the sciences and the humanities. The major in Writing Studies provides students with solid skills for seeking employment involving writing and information design, including careers in technical and professional writing, user experience, education, publishing, public relations, grant writing, and marketing.  Students can choose to specialize in Creative Writing or Technical Communication.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a student in Writing Studies major, you are expected to:

  • Write in multiple genres for diverse audiences.
  • Apply writing and communication design skills in multiple contexts and for a range of purposes.
  • Develop an effective and self-aware writing process from invention to production.
  • Collaborate effective in writing and information design.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of writing in creating knowledge through artistic expression, critical inquiry, and applied research.
  • Develop the ability to learn, adapt, and use technologies in new media essential to their lives and careers.